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Harry Potter - the deadly happiness
 Yesterday I went to see HP at the Lichtburg in Essen. They established to show their feature film at least once in English without subs. I´ll be the new best friend to this beautiful oldfashion cinema. :-)

And it was in 3D. For a non real 3D-Movie it was technically quiet good. Dark of course but the whole film was dark with lot´s of night shots. Isn´t it annoying that a lot of effects are made just to look good in 3D? Lots of Snake- and Dragongullets, fireballs directly towards the viewers a.s.o. Not good. It´s disturbing when watched in 2D and at home. "Oh, look, that scene would have looked good in 3D!!!" But I think it´s unstoppable. Sadly. In general I like 3D. 

I really enjoyed the film. So many old faces. Especially Gary Oldmen and Michael Gamborn. Alan Rickman was amazing. So many good scenes. It compensated the very small screentime he had in some of the earlier movies. 
Sadly they never release "Extended Editions" of all Harry Potter Movies. So many scenes looked rushed. 

The "19 years later" scenes was not that bad, but I really don´t know why they put it in the film anyway. The male actors looked quite grown-up,  but not Ginny and Hermione. Just another hairdo wasn´t enough to look convincing older. I think a small written epilogue on the screen would have been better. 
All in all it was a very good ending of a great story. I´ll miss all the wizards and witches.......

The next OVs are "Cowboys & Aliens" and "Planet of the Apes - Prevolution". I really not sure if I shoud go. I let you know. 


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